José Manuel Roldán was born in Seville in 1961. From his very early age he began his studies of guitar, showing soon a strong interest on composition and soloist concerts. It was in these musical education years when he had the outstanding international soloist Pepe Martínez as a teacher.

As his successful career went on, José Manuel Roldán gained reputation and achieved remarkable recognitions for his work. In 1978 he was finalist in The Chair Of Flamencology Of Jerez De La Frontera, and in 1980 he won the first prize in the first Festival Of Interpreters held in the Salon de la Música of Valencia. Ten years later, in 1990, he was picked finalist in the last ‘Giraldillo’ of Professionals Of Guitar in the Seville’s Biennial of Flamenco.

José Manuel Roldán was a member of Mario Maya’s Company for two years, being the composer and interpreter of the shows ‘Ay Jondo’, ‘Diálogos del amargo’ and ‘Flamenco Libre’. Likewise, he did the same job for the prestigious Antonio Gades’ Company, where he collaborated for ten years in the shows ‘Carmen’, ‘Amor Brujo’ and ‘Flamenco Libre’.

Again with Gades, in 1986 he took part as an actor and musician in Carlos Saura’s ‘Amor Brujo’, without a doubt, the most thrilling flamenco experience ever shot for the big screen.

Along his vast career, José Manuel Roldán has played with some of the most prominent figures of the Flamenco scene, artists such as Antonio Núñez “Chocolate”, Antonio Mairena, Naranjito de Triana, Farruco, Chano Lobato, Manuel de Paula and José de la Tomasa, among others. At the same time, he has collaborated in several albums of great cantaores and flamenco dancers like Diego Camacho “El Boquerón”, Curro Malena, Miguel de los Reyes, Mercedes Cubero, Beni de Cádiz, Pata Negra, Javier Barón and Arcángel, to name just a few. In 1992 he recorded with the Seville Philharmonic Orchestra the closing theme for the Universal Exposition of Seville.

Being one of the most significant flamenco guitarist of these days, José Manuel Roldán has spread his art all over the world, playing in the most prestigious venues in the international music scene, like the Royal Festival Hall of London, Opera House of Sydney, Opera of Frankfurt, Conference Hall of Moscow, Theatre Dunca Center of Tokyo, Opera of Cairo, Palais des Congres and Théâtre du Châtelet of Paris, as well as in most European capitals.

It is worth mentioning his concerts at the Blue Note jazz club in Tokyo, one of the most important music clubs in the world where some of the greatest figures like Bob James, Earl Klugh, Makoto Ozzone Trio and Bradford Marsalis, and many other talented musicians, played. José Manuel Roldán’s performances meant no other than the first time that a Flamenco guitarist was heard in this highly acclaimed club.

In 2006 The Flamenco Society of San Jose, (California, U.S.A.) included him as a concertist in their annual festival.

With such virtuous technique and skills, José Manuel Roldán has found the way to go in depth into the musical vanguard keeping, on one hand, the emotional intensity and on the other, providing a powerful strength to his work. These characteristic features of Flamenco are perfectly reflected in his albums ‘De Nácar’ (Pasarela, 1996) and ‘Apasionadamente’ (Pasarela 2009).


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